Do you have an elderly or aging loved one? Possibly they have dementia and are prone to wandering away from the house? Even in the early stages of dementia a person can become confused and disorientated for a period of time. Wandering and getting lost is common with patients that have dementia and it can happen at any time. Climax’s Mobile Lite, a 3G/4G personal emergency response system (PERS) with GPS location tracking functionality, protects seniors at home, in the yard, or on the go. The lightweight, portable Mobile Lite goes beyond typical emergency response products by integrating both safety monitoring and telecare capabilities. Mobile Lite was designed to be easy to use, with raised guidance buttons for easy access to open two-way voice communication with the central monitoring station (CMS). Leveraging industry certified A-GPS technology, Mobile Lite provides GPS location positioning, further expediting the assistance deployment process during an emergency. The positional information can be easily accessed via Climax Home Portal Server’s map service, Climax’s “My GPS Alert” software. This advanced feature makes Mobile Lite the best companion for active, healthy, and worry-free aging.*

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