Digital Video Recorder

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR), when applying to a CCTV security camera application, stores the video from the cameras on hard drives just like a computer.

Our DVRs and boxed NVRs are high-quality and high performing with features designed for easy installation and operation, superior image quality, and maximum storage.

Professionally Designed Camera Systems Provide

  • Accessibility – Video surveillance can give you the ability to quickly and easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility.
  • Profitability – With video surveillance, you can have greater control over loss. It may also help lower liability and insurance costs.
  • Productivity – Video surveillance can discourage workplace violence, harassment and poor customer service.
  • Reliability – Digital video recorders and network video recorders (DVR/NVR) mean no more broken or worn-out tapes, and no more costly maintenance.
  • Improved picture quality – DVR/NVR deliver sharper images, with no loss of quality over time.
  • Enhanced capabilities – DVR/NVR allow you to store more information using less space. Plus, events captured with DVR/NVR can easily be downloaded, saved to a flash drive or duplicated when an additional copy is required.
  • Remote access – DVR/NVR units can help you oversee your business from anywhere you have remote connectivity.


DVRs are feature-rich, providing increased storage capacity, paramount picture quality and enhanced search capabilities.

In this age of heightened awareness of security needs, video surveillance systems offer an extra pair of eyes in helping you protect your home. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides the comfort that comes in viewing someone who is knocking at your front door, watching the caretaker in your home or viewing when your children come home from school. Honeywell security systems also offer Total Connect remote video services which will allow you to remotely connect from anywhere in the world with internet access to look at the designated areas of your home that you have specified your video system to monitor. Video surveillance is one of the best ways to protect your home.

The Picture Perfect Solution

Total Connect Video Services from Honeywell give you a whole new way to look at your home and loved ones — whether you’re there or not. Enhanced Digital Systems can provide you with a video solution that is right for you. It’s video on demand. And, it’s personalized and secure.

  • Connect remotely from anywhere in the world — all you need is Internet access.
  • Protected with the highest level of data security.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Look in and view H.265+ format up to 30 frames per second.
  • Store 7 – 30 days of video to our cloud server.
  • Send images via e-mail from any camera with just on


Our PC-Based platforms can access and integrate seamlessly with Honeywell’s Access Control Systems, DVR/NDVR, Cameras, Integrated Data Manager and industry-leading alarm central station video verification applications.


PC Based Enterprize NVR software allows total control and flexibility of your surveillance system


Our DVR systems allow local playback via monitor and remote access/playback on your smart phone.

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We built a new home in 2022. Ed came to the house to assess and discuss our security wants and needs. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. We are very happy with our security system and also find the pricing fair and competitive.

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