GPS Fleet Tracking

When you need to quickly locate your vehicle, GPS tracking is the only foolproof way of doing so. Our GPS product will allow you to keep track of your company vehicle. Some of our products will store data, allowing parents of teen drivers to see if their car has been driven over the speed limit. If a car is lost or stolen, a GPS unit will allow your car to be quickly located and returned. Customers come to us to enjoy our great customer service. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We’re prepared to answer any questions you might have, and direct you towards the most cost effective product. There are no hidden costs or fees, just sound advice. Come to Enhanced Digital Systems to learn what our vehicle GPS tracking services can do for you and your company. We’ll work with you to find the most beneficial products for your specific needs. Give us a call and browse our attractive products today.

GPS Tracking doesn’t cost… it saves!

Between fuel savings, insurance discounts (when available), improvements in productivity, and increased efficiency in routing your fleet, you’ll save more than you spend on your tracking system. To let you experience the cost-savings firsthand, we’re offering a one month, risk-free trial. Contact us for details.

With no special software required, Enhanced Digital Systems is everywhere you are. Just log on with any web-browser or smartphone, and get instant access to vehicle locations, speeds, directions, and PTO statuses. Explore further, and you will find a wealth of administrative reports and information to streamline your operations–all at your fingertips, 24/7. Now is the time to put technology to work for you!

Administrative Reports to Streamline and Manage your Business

With over 20 administrative reports to choose from, you are always just a few clicks away from a wealth of information on the “life blood” of your business–your vehicles. Custom-tailored reports can be automatically sent to you daily.

Event Reports

Event reports will help you keep track of speeding, excessive idling, and off-hours usage. Use inputs to monitor PTO’s, potentially eliminating “side-jobs” by letting you know when and where machinery is in use.

Administration Reports

Administration Reports summarize log-in information for your web-based tracking system, as well as how many miles each of your vehicles are logging. Inactivity reports let you know whether your tracking units are functioning properly. By giving you instant access to this information without searching for it, our tracking system and web-portal are extremely easy to manage and maintain.

Location Reports

Location reports help you monitor your vehicles’ whereabouts. Review routes taken, landmarks visited, and the length and frequency of stops. Verify whether or not your drivers are arriving at your customers on time, and help verify billable hours. Specify landmarks in your control panel and you can view the data as a list of clients instead of addresses.

Maintenance Reports

Also included is our maintenance module, which is base on time passed and mileage, driven. You can have the system alert you when routine maintenance is needed such as, oil change, tire rotation, inspection due, etc.

Special Promotions

Switch today and receive 3 months of FREE monitoring. We'll also give you 3 months for every referral.

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Monitoring You Can Count On

With three redundant UL listed Monitoring Stations across the US and options starting at just $10 per month!

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Customer Reviews

 by Larry and Brigit Robinson on Enhanced Digital Systems
Very happy

We built a new home in 2022. Ed came to the house to assess and discuss our security wants and needs. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. We are very happy with our security system and also find the pricing fair and competitive.


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