Urive Green HD

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Brand: Urive

Clean HD images of ultra-high resolution

HD 3 megapixels of ultra-high resolution images
Urive Green HD supports ultra- high resolution (1280x720) video images and optimized angled lenses (120˚diagonal) for recording the important scenes of accident and parking event.

Auto balance function to adjust brightness
Urive Green HD provides clean resolution through auto balance function to adjust brightness.

Optimal viewing angle of 120 degrees
Urive Green HD provides accurate images without
distortion with a 120˚ optimal angle of view.

24-hour intelligent parking monitor, CCTV (motion detector)
Urive Green HD parking monitor is an intelligent black box which has motion detectors that can automatically record vehicle damage from a sudden shock. Its motion detector function is a differentiated technology of Urive that automatically detects various movements surrounding the car while it is parked, saving memory space with the data logging function.

Simultaneous monitoring of front and rear 2-channel black box
Urive Green HD shows clear images of both the front and
rear of the vehicle with the sectional 2-channel format.
And it can record blind spots by its 360˚ rotating mount.

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