As your kids get older they acquire more responsibility and want be be more independent. That independence can stress out a parent!

When a child reaches the age of coming home from school alone and you are at work, it is always on your mind to make sure they arrived safe and sound. As a parent myself I went through these same feelings. You want your child to feel independent as this lets them gain confidence.

With the technology today at our finger tips we can help ease your mind! How about a video doorbell to notify you when they arrive home? With a security system installed by Enhanced Digital Systems you have many options. When the kids disarm the security system you will receive a pop up notification on your phone as an example.

What if they forget the house key and are locked out?! No worries, you can unlock the door from across town or even across the world and let them in.

Possibly they decided to invite the entire neighborhood over and raid the refrigerator. No problem, you can see what they are up to with our integrated security cameras and inform them the party is over.

Are you ready to take the stress level down a notch? Let Enhanced Digital Systems help you make that happen. The only limitations are your imagination. Give us a call today: 802 448 0070

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