It seems every week there is a story in the news about cameras getting hacked or personal data being leaked. Ring had a slew of compromised accounts and now it looks like it is the Wyze cameras turn to be in the spotlight. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make a secure password for EVERY login or device that you own. When we install camera systems the passwords are very strong and are never alike. Read the article below to see if you are affected by the latest Wyze breech. Here are a few password tips that may be helpful.

-Never use part of your login or user name part of the password.
-Always use at LEAST 8 characters for your password. The longer the better.
-Use at LEAST one capital letter, a FEW numbers and a FEW special characters (!@#$ etc.)
-Change your passwords every month or as frequently as you can.
-You can use password generators and password management software if necessary.
-NEVER… and I mean NEVER give your password out to anyone. Not even your wife, children or trusted best friends. Most people use a ‘password scheme’. Once that ‘scheme’ is discovered its very easy to hack other accounts.

We have a lot of digital life and LOADS of passwords for everything. We understand. Find a solution that works for you and make sure to change the passwords frequently. Your identity could depend on it!

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